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Time Tracking

Keep track of what you’re working on, no matter where you are. Start your timer on your phone and stop it on your Laptop. It takes one click to start a new time entry or to continue tracking a previous task.

One – click Time Tracking

Start and stop the timer to record activity duration and optionally start and end times.

Multiple Ways to Track Time

Track time on tasks or projects. View and enter timesheets daily or weekly.

Copy or Import Timesheets

Copy timesheets from previous days or weeks.

Powerful Timesheet Approvals

Enable timesheet approvals at the project user level, review timesheets in bulk and receive notifications.

Locked Approved Timesheets

Disable editing of approved Timesheets

Flexible Timesheet Approvals

Set default timesheet approval or choose project members who require approval.  Receive notifications when your team submits timesheets for approval.

Easy Review of submitted Timesheets


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