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Getting Started with Projects

Collabsee Projects lets you manage both internal and customer projects in one place. It’s  great for businesses of all types – your projects can be big or small, have one or more team members working on them. Projects are broken down into sections and tasks allowing team members to collaborate and organize their work on one platform. 

How Do I Create a Project?

You can create a project  in collabsee by simply clicking on the projects in the menu. Add click ‘Add Project’. 

On the displayed pop-up, you can enter the Project Title, The Company Name, the Project Owner of the project and the Approval person. You can also set deadlines for the projects if necessary. 

You can also select the status of the project and the category it belongs to. Once everything is filled you can select the team members who is involve in the project.

You can search for members and click for ‘Add Team Member’ in the Project Members.

Once you hit ‘Create’, your newly added project is in action. 

Only users with the Admin or Project Manager roles will be able to create projects in Collabsee.